Get paid to do what you love.

Boost makes it easier for Gen Z to start and run side hustles.

Save Time & Money.
Build Confidence.
Reach Your Goals.

The only all-in-one business tool for the side hustle generation.

A gif of the app, showing a person filtering for a side hustle opportunity related to writing and then looking at the details of the search results.

Follow Your Passions

Your time is limited. Your creativity is not. You know you can make money doing what you’re good at–whether it’s graphic design, walking dogs, or flipping sneakers. But you aren’t sure where to start. You’re leaving valuable money on the table. Not anymore. Boost helps you find and start new side hustles that reflect your interests, passions, and that will make you a profit.

Run Your Business Like A Boss

Staying on top of all of your side hustles is hard. Between spreadsheets, email, and cash apps, it’s almost impossible to feel like you’re on it. Boost helps you stay inspired and organized. View all of your streams of income in one place––so you’re free to make big decisions, follow your heart, and get paid. 

Goodbye, Boring Business Stuff

You didn’t start side hustling to sit in front of the computer, googling how to do boring business stuff. Don’t spend valuable time learning about boring business stuff. Boost makes business simple. We help you send invoices, track payments, and predict your future income. Spend more time on what you love. 

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Doing what you love is great.
Getting paid to do what you love is the future.

We understand how hard it is to choose creativity over financial security. Passion over pragmatism. We created Boost to make it easier for everyone to build a meaningful business.
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