You’re a creator, innovator and, most of all, a hustler. You don’t have time for boring stuff like chasing invoices and tracking finances… but we do. Boost helps side hustlers handle the business of handling their business.

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Accomplish your goals.

You know how to side hustle, you know what you’re passionate about, and you know how to make money. Yet, there’s still things that you don’t know. The things surrounding running a business and finances are still unclear--and intimidating.

That's why we help reach your goals and earn more. We use community driven insights to help you set and reach goals that will make you successful.

Let us build a roadmap to success for you, so you reach your goals quicker.

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Run your side hustle like a boss.

Staying on top of all of your side hustles is hard. You keep switching between spreadsheets, emails, and apps. It’s almost impossible to feel like you’re on top of it all.

That's why we help you stay inspired and organized. We help you send invoices, track payments, and predict your future income.

Let us handle the boring stuff, so you can spend more time on what you love. 

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Join a community of like-minded hustlers.

We know that side hustling is lonely. Being a business of one is hard. You need people in your corner that you can draw support, inspiration, and expertise from.

That's why we've built our app around our community. We've created a thoughtful place for collaboration, with a community that thinks the way you do.

Let us make the connections, so you can get answers and find support.

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