Handle your side hustle finances in one place. Think boring old accounting software, but way better. Built for the side hustle generation.

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Accomplish your goals.

You know a lot. You know how to side hustle, you know what you’re passionate about, and you know how to make money. You can take a $1 and turn it into $10. You’ve taught yourself how to illustrate, how to dance, how to build an entire hustle. Yet, there’s still things that you don’t know. And what you don’t know is the thing that’s holding you back. That’s we’ve powered our app with community driven insights. We’re building a roadmap to success for you, so you can avoid costly detours and reach the destination of your goals quicker.

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Staying on top of all of your side hustles is hard. Between spreadsheets, email, and cash apps, it’s almost impossible to feel like you’re on it. Boost helps you stay inspired and organized. View all of your streams of income in one place––so you’re free to make big decisions, follow your heart, and get paid. We help you send invoices, track payments, and predict your future income. Spend more time on what you love. 

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Join a community of like-minded hustlers.

Side hustling is lonely. Being a business of one is hard. You need people in your corner that you can draw support, inspiration, and expertise from. When you have a question, you want it answered by someone who cares and by someone who can help you. Hustling should be collaborative, and you need a community that thinks the way you do. That’s why we’ve built our app around our community. Making connections, getting answers, and finding support has never been easier.

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